AgreemeA Better Experiencent will Streamline Delivery of Supply Chain Enablement Products and Services

Montréal, QC and Raleigh, NC – April 21st, 2015 – Longbow Advantage and Tryon Solutions have entered into a formal alliance agreement that facilitates the sharing of consulting personnel and collaborative product development.

Longbow Advantage and Tryon Solutions are leading experts in JDA/RedPrairie supply chain solutions. By combining the skillsets of their respective teams and product offerings, both the companies and their customers stand to benefit. “The ability to deploy resources from either organization will bring significant advantages to our customers in terms of responsiveness, expertise and flexibility” said Marc van Welsen, CEO at Tryon Solutions. “This alliance strengthens our ability to meet evolving customer needs and uniquely positions us to provide the right talents at the right time,” he added.

This partnership also provides arrangements for Longbow and Tryon to work collaboratively on product development, marketing and software sales. Albert Furtado, President & COO of Longbow Advantage stated “We quickly recognized the opportunities beyond just our consulting teams. For example, the integration of Longbow’s Cadence application and Tryon’s Sprocket framework creates an extremely powerful Brand Protection/Traceability solution.”

Longbow has developed Cadence, a real-time, customizable, cloud-based analytics system that provides users with a comprehensive view of their operations in one package. In addition, Cadence offers tools that present information to business leaders on company performance within their industry.

Tryon Solutions has launched two pioneering software solutions, Sprocket and Cycle. Sprocket is an SCM-focused development framework that can act as a standalone product or as a supplement to any existing system, while Cycle is an application designed to facilitate automated testing and training at any phase of the Software Development Life Cycle. By emulating normal user interactions such as keyboard or mouse input, Cycle can be used to create and execute reliable and repeatable automated software tests and training materials.

As an immediate result of this alliance, Tryon Solutions will resell Longbow’s Cadence application and integrate the data visualization tool with Tryon’s innovative Sprocket framework.

About Longbow Advantage

Founded in 2002, specializes in warehouse and workforce management implementations, upgrades and integrations. Recognized for our leadership and expertise, our specialists combine operational experience, technical skill and system knowledge to help companies get maximum ROI from their supply chain products.

About Tryon Solutions

Tryon Solutions provides professional services and software solutions for JDA (formerly RedPrairie) supply chain applications. Tryon’s team has extensive experience with end-to-end implementations, upgrades and optimization services for warehouse management systems and associated solutions, such as transportation management systems, workforce management, parcel, automation and other logistics execution software applications.