Automated Testing and Other Technology Solutions

Automated Testing 

We strongly advise pairing our world class implementation services with automated testing.  Many of our solutions engineers double as test automation experts, and can help prescribe the right low-code solution for individuals and teams that want to regularly test their supply chain systems and processes to identify errors before production is impacted – and ultimately make implementations and upgrades both smoother and faster while reducing business risk. Hit the “request-a-demo” button now, and we’ll start the journey of greatly reducing your operational risk.

We’ll recommend an industry-leading low-code test automation solution that provides reliable and continuous testing for technical teams, while also arming non-technical personnel with a solution for comprehensive critical business process validation, empowering manual testers, and facilitating real-world regression AND performance testing. Stop hoping that defects won’t occur and/or using incomplete testing tools, and Contact Us for more information!

WMS User Simulation

WMS “Digital Twin” User Simulations

We are always striving to improve warehouse efficiency, and tinkering with a live warehouse is generally how we determine if our fixes (or “fixes”) truly work.  What if you could try them out without fear of negatively impacting operations?  Simulating all warehouse activity over a work shift using production orders and receipts allows for the informed evaluation of warehouse process flows, layouts, and overall practices; it’s the ultimate readiness assessment.  For more specifics, check out our blog post on user simulations.


WMS Test Automation Bundles

Building on our expertise implementing warehouse management systems as well as in automated testing, we are excited to offer customers a test automation bundle which includes a suite of pre-written automated tests to be used as part of your new implementation or an ongoing risk management strategy.  These tests validate critical warehouse operations like picking, shipping and receiving in Blue Yonder WMS and are ready to be tailored for your specific WMS environment, providing you with a simpler and faster solution to conduct complete regression testing of hot-fixes, patches, mods, and upgrades.

Volume / Performance Testing

Prepare for seasonal high volumes or system stress from product launches with assistance from our test automation experts. We can help confirm your system and concurrent operations are capable of supporting the load, as well as identify system weaknesses so you can mitigate risks before production peaks.


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