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Automated Testing Software

Cycle has become the supply chain’s industry standard solution for automated testing.  Its a COMPLETE test automation solution for individuals and teams that want to regularly test their supply chain systems and processes to identify errors before production is impacted – and ultimately make implementations and upgrades both smoother and faster while reducing business risk. We know that testing is the single most important facet of software implementation, and it often directly impacts the success or failure of a project.

Cycle is armed with features to make testing Blue Yonder’s WMS architecture easier, while remaining fully system agnostic as a testing solution. From the ground-up Cycle was designed to make creating and maintaining test cases as easy as possible, and with a basic-yet-powerful, streamlined interface and readable test cases we encourage you to see for yourself via the “request-a-demo” button.

While Cycle provides reliable and continuous test automation for technical teams, it also arms non-technical personnel with a solution for comprehensive critical business process validation, empowers manual testers, and facilitates real-world performance testing. Stop hoping that defects won’t occur and/or using incomplete testing tools, and deploy with confidence with Cycle test automation software! Contact us for more information on how your testing team can take advantage of Cycle.


Test Automation Bundles for Warehouse Management Software

Building on our expertise implementing warehouse management systems as well as in automated testing, we are excited to offer customers a test automation bundle as an add-on to Cycle. Our Blue Yonder WMS bundle includes a suite of pre-written automated tests developed to be used as part of your new implementation or an ongoing risk management strategy.  These tests validate critical warehouse operations like picking, shipping and receiving.

The tests in the Blue Yonder WMS bundle are modular, well-documented starting points designed to be tailored for your specific WMS environment, providing you with a simpler and faster solution to conduct complete regression testing of hot-fixes, patches, mods, and upgrades. Contact Sales for more information about how you can take advantage of test automation bundles for Cycle.

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