Software augmented with new terminal emulator functionality specifically designed for supply chain application testing 

RALEIGH, N.C., Jan. 24, 2017 – Tryon Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of supply chain software and implementation services, today announced the latest release of Cycle® business process validation software. The release offers innovative, user-driven terminal capabilities that improve the way supply chain professionals validate terminal operations in the warehouse.

Cycle differs from traditional software testing solutions in its user-centric approach to validating business scenarios. Cycle emulates the way users interact with business software systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management and Order Management Systems, validating that both the end-user process and the software work as expected. For example, during peak work hours or periods of high seasonal volumes, supply chain professionals often discover costly system latency issues that are difficult to predict prior to production. Cycle allows business stakeholders to create realistic peak workloads, allowing users to anticipate and avoid these challenges prior to moving a system into production.

“Whether its uncovering database inefficiencies or finding the breaking points of your application server, Cycle allows users to conduct accurate and real-world application volume testing without the need for cryptic scripting languages or dedicated technical personnel,” said Josh Owen, VP of Product Development at Tryon Solutions. “The terminal emulator capabilities included in this launch represent ground-breaking functionality users can’t find in typical testing solutions.”

The latest Cycle release also includes usability improvements, security enhancements, and additional global settings designed to maximize the Cycle user experience. Tryon Solutions further augmented its Cycle offering with additional customization capabilities via add-on packages for supply chain applications, such as JDA®, HighJump™ and SAP®. To meet the growing customer demand for application-specific support, Tryon Solutions anticipates releasing more add-on packages for Cycle later this year.

Screenshots and videos of Cycle can be accessed here:

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Tryon Solutions provides professional services and software solutions for supply chain applications. Tryon Solutions has extensive experience with end-to-end implementations, upgrades and optimization services for Warehouse Management Systems and associated solutions, such as Transportation Management Systems, Workforce Management, parcel, automation and other logistics execution software applications.

In addition to providing implementation services, Tryon Solutions developed Cycle® business process validation software to help customers achieve operational assurance without the need for advanced training or technical expertise. Through partnering with customers, Tryon Solutions helps logistics teams leverage its services and solutions to increase productivity, reduce risk and optimize operations across their supply chain. For more information, visit

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