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Let us become an extension of your team with our Blue Yonder managed services to accelerate your business transformation while minimizing disruptions and risk, so you can rest easy while focusing on key objectives and long-term plans.


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Blue Yonder Managed Services

Tryon is proud to offer Blue Yonder managed services for customers dealing with resource shortages, or perhaps you want to focus on daily operations and let us help you optimize and sustain the supply chain execution side of the business with minimal disruptions. We are equally proud of our industry-leading 90 percent Customer Satisfaction Score.


–   In-house IT should focus on core business support

–   Predictable and lower cost of ownership

–   Take advantage of the latest functionality and patches

–   Let experienced professionals apply their expertise with your systems

–   Reduce outages and overall risk

Testing as a Service

We’ve been automated testing well before it was cool, so let our Blue Yonder managed services team reduce your business risk by automating your regression and performance tests so you can focus on your core business.

Minimize Risk

Reduce system downtimes

Help stay current

Automated tests are faster, cheaper and more reliable than manual testing

Application Maintenance & Support

Our Blue Yonder managed services team offers several support options to suit your needs, including full on-site support to augment your operations, maintenance, IT and customer care teams. We also have remote and offshore team members that can assist. Application support customers benefit from:

Ability to use an engineer on site during key events, such as product launches, and upgrades.

Issue tracking & resolutions

Severity level escalations

24/7 Support & Tryon Solutions’ Support Site

Staff Augmentation

Tryon Solutions Blue Yonder managed services team has experienced associates and access to a global network of supply chain systems talent to provide you with the skillset you need on-site or remotely:

Short Term Engagement

2-5 week augmentation services for time-sensitive projects

Mid Term Engagement

1-12 month augmentation services for large projects or production support

Long Term Engagement

1-3 year augmentation services for ongoing projects or production sustainment

Warehouse Managers

This cost-effective approach to increasing personnel saves you time and headache. Best of all, you have direct access to staff and work with them as if they are your own employees.

Database Administration

Tryon Solutions database administrators are experienced in performance strategies for supply chain applications on Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Database health check and sizing

Optimizing database settings & Evaluating indices

Identifying and resolving improper SQL statements

Database statistics configuration