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Blue Yonder Warehouse Management System

The Blue Yonder (formerly JDA) suite of supply chain applications is mature, flexible and powerful.  It is especially strong in areas such as workforce management, labor forecasting and scheduling, traceability, and overall performance management. Blue Yonder has a large and diversified WMS customer base of demanding, complex and sophisticated customers, and it has a long track record of providing WMS solutions for some of the largest and most complex warehouse operations that have equally complex inventory management needs.

At Tryon Solutions our professional services team averages 15 years’ experience with Blue Yonder Warehouse Management supply chain systems, and the majority of our solution engineers have Blue Yonder certifications.  We are an official reseller and consulting partner, with a long history as a Blue Yonder trusted advisor.

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Supply Chain Execution Luminate Logistics

Tryon Solutions chose Blue Yonder for their product innovation that helps our customers succeed.  Leading the innovation charge is Blue Yonder’s Luminate™ Logistics, which provides an end-to-end execution platform to help drive flexible, fully autonomous distribution networks. Built on top of the industry’s first AI/ML-based supply chain platform, Luminate Logistics helps organizations recognize problems before they happen, get machine-learning-based recommendations for action, and minimize risk while capitalizing on opportunities.  In particular, Tryon Solutions is focused on optimizing Blue Yonder’s WM, labor management, tasking, and integration to Customer’s host systems and robotics/automation systems.

Blue Yonder Distribution Center

Warehouse Management

You should have a clear, proactive focus on warehouse management, which empowers you to deliver consistently high service at a low cost. With Blue Yonder WMS, your team will drive change with real-time transaction processing, optimized storage and selection strategies, directed task management, and integrated labor standards.


  • Real-time inbound and outbound processing
  • Unified yard management
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Resource orchestration
  • Intuitive & configurable user experience
  • User-friendly mobile RF screens
Blue Yonder Labor Management System

Labor Management

Advancements in warehouse automation and robotics are designed to enhance your organization’s overall performance while freeing up manpower to focus on key operations. Use your LM to define best practices and performance expectations, track warehouse activities to enhance employee accountability, and empower supervisors to effectively mentor their teams.


  • Integrated labor management
  • Optimize labor efficiency & performance
  • Performance management
  • WMS brand agnostic
Blue Yonder Robotics Hub

Robotics Hub

With the rise of e-commerce, an unpredictable labor market, and increasingly high throughput fulfillment requirements; automation technologies such as robots, AMRs and AGVs are more frequently finding their way into the modern warehouse. However, onboarding this type of automation is complicated. Blue Yonder’s robotics hub is a SaaS-native application that enables accelerated onboarding of multiple robotics vendors in a warehouse and improves visibility across automation solutions through a single operations dashboard


  • Vendor agnostics robotics hub-as-service
  • Dynamic workflow enablement
  • Real-time robotics dashboard
  • Up to 50% reduced vendor onboarding time
  • Up to 60% reduced implementation cost
  • Up to 80% increased productivity
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    Warehouse Tasking

    Delays and varied difficulties across the supply chain have become the new norm after 2020. With warehouse tasking, uncover these difficulties and achieve the highest level of efficiency for your single-task operations with data-driven precision. Warehouse tasking leverages machine learning to unlock opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings. Tasks are assigned based on the parameters you define, while the engine tracks task-related shift lengths, and times the position of resources in near real-time.


    • Agile task management
    • Integrated order management
    • Advanced visibility and analytics
    • Synchronized interleaving
    • Up to 80% reduced administration cost