Since 2009, Tryon Solutions has been one of the top Blue Yonder service providers in the world. Many of the leaders within Tryon worked within the predecessors of Blue Yonder including McHugh Freeman, RedPrairie and JDA. Most of Tryon’s customers were looking for consultants that knew their Blue Yonder system inside and out. With each of our managers having over 20 years of experience in supply chain management, they can bring real-world expertise to an ever-evolving customer base.  Tryon Solutions is an official Blue Yonder reseller and consulting partner. Click HERE to lean more about Tryons professional services with Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder has a suite of supply chain applications that are mature, proven and powerful. The platform is especially strong in areas such as warehouse management, workforce management and transportation management systems. These tools help optimize and connect their customers’ warehouses, stores, fulfillment centers, suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Blue Yonder has a large and diverse customer base who all needed a platform that can handle their sophisticated processes and product movements at a global scale.

Blue Yonder’s flagship platform is its warehouse management system. Its purpose is to manage products and streamline processes in the most complex environments. It helps with real-time inbound and outbound processing, inventory management and resource orchestration along with maximizing your control and visibility.

Blue Yonder customers are looking for ways to optimize their product throughput. Using their labor management system, customers can track warehouse activities to enhance employee accountability and empower supervisors to effectively mentor their teams.

Blue Yonders transportation platform helps manage your inbound and outbound processes and orchestrates supplier and carrier collaboration. Its purpose is to optimize your transportation costs with predictive modeling and route optimization while working through a connected ecosystem.

Blue Yonder also helps you gain an advantage with other tools for:

  • Demand Planning
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Production Planning
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Merchandise Operations
  • Returns Management
  • Order Management

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