At Tryon Solutions, we strive to be our customers’ best supply chain strategists, helping their operations leverage people & resources to increase productivity, reduce risk, and optimize overall logistics with solutions that work for them.

This niche industry requires critical thinking, respectful collaboration, and a passion for learning. If this sounds like you, Tryon University could springboard your career with a robust program specifically balanced to marry functional, technical, and hands-on experience so you can grow into a valued and dependable leader of supply chain solutions.

Four Pillars of Tryon University


 Open Communication

Immersive Inclusion

Mentorship Program



Physical Warehouse & Operations

WMS Configuration & Interfacing

Certification Training


Database & Development

Test Automation

Certification Training


Continual Onboarding

Ride-Along Program

Tour a Warehouse


The Technical Career Path is one of many opportunities to grow at Tryon Solutions. Learning is supported in any capacity we can provide and following your passions is encouraged. When you join TryonU, you won’t be sequestered to the class and your peers. Tryon Solutions fosters a strong culture of dedication between individuals and teams, with an emphasis on open communication and learning. You will meet most of our wonderful teammates, including Executive Leadership, in the first 3 months of training because they are invested in your career path. Questions are encouraged and assisting one another is part of the expectation!

Solutions Engineer

This entry-level position will gain experience through TryonU & project-based work; 0-4 years of experience.

Senior Solutions Engineer
An independent contributor who requires less supervision; work with technical leaders on high-level issues; 4-8 years of experience.
Solutions Architect
You will lead projects and mentor others; 8+ years of experience.
Senior Solutions Architect
Leads teams and projects, mentors others, and collaborates with Sales and Project Managers to build and maintain positive customer relationships.
Principal Solutions Architect
Manages direct reports, mentors others, and drives strategic process improvements.


The learning experience fosters team work while exploring system capabilities; this freedom to learn coupled with industry-leading guest trainers who bring the real world scenarios into the classroom really expedited the learning curve.

– Albert Wimer, Lead Senior Engineer, Customer Care

TryonU provides the information you need to not only navigate through the WMS, but also how to troubleshoot and resolve issues. The teachers and guest presenters immerse you immediately as an important member of the Tryon Solutions team.

– Jacob Herring, Senior Solutions Engineer

TryonU helps you build confidence and exposes you to the different technical and functional aspects of the WMS system before joining a project. Everyone at Tryon is always there to help you and eager for you to succeed in your role.

– Shannon Treacy, Senior Solutions Engineer

My time in TryonU gave me the foundation I needed to be successful at Tryon Solutions and served as a great introduction to the unique culture here. After graduation, I’m confident moving into my team and can’t wait to start making a difference.

– Matt Kennedy, Project Manager

TryonU created a seamless transition from the classroom to the workforce. Instead of being in a new environment with no guidance, the tools and development I needed to be successful were taught in-house.

– Ethan Cullis, Senior Solutions Engineer

TryonU was a great experience that allowed us to learn everything we would need to be effective at project work. We were able to move from being novices to proficient engineers in a short amount of time.

– Kristian Johns, Senior Solutions Engineer

TryonU showcased a vast amount of Blue Yonder & warehousing in just a few short months. It jump-started my career and gave me the tools to feel confident in the role I have today.

– Corey Clay, Solutions Engineer

The thing I loved most about TryonU is that it showed Tryon wanted to invest in their future and make sure new hires felt comfortable working in this industry.

– Rupen Singer, Senior Solutions Engineer 

TryonU introduced us to the culture of Tryon Solutions and taught us the ins and outs of WMS in a way that will help us be efficient and successful in future projects. We worked on the front-end and the back-end to acquire a well-rounded experience through hands-on learning.

– Melissa Tennant, Senior Solutions Engineer

Tryon U focused on teaching the foundation of Blue Yonder WMS by incorporating guest teachers from all departments in the company, including the CEO. It taught me how to find the resources I need and facilitated an environment of continued learning that carries well beyond the three months of Tryon U.

– Maggie Cox, Solutions Engineer

TryonU was a great experience that allowed us to learn everything we would need to be effective at project work.
We were able to move from being novices to proficient engineers in a short amount of time.

– Sagar Sheth, Senior Solutions Engineer