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Unlock Maximum Labor Efficiency.

Our experienced labor management consultants will advise your warehouse managers on how to get the most of your Blue Yonder Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) system, and in-turn your workforce.

Warehouse Labor Management System Advisory Services

Tryon Solutions can design your entire supply chain roadmap, evaluating where and how to improve along with what to implement, and we’ll align our labor specific recommendations with this overall roadmap.

Blue Yonder LMS Labor Management System

On-Site Engagement

We’ll closely partner with everyone at your facility to best understand your operation’s current workforce challenges.  We offer a variety of types of engagements, and can customize based on your needs.


In today’s ultra competitive supply chain your warehouse MUST fully unleash the benefits of your WLM, including WMS integration, improved workforce visibility, optimized work schedules, properly established labor standards, and better training, coaching and incentive programs.

How the Process Works

Our labor management consultants advise on best practices as we review your warehouse map, evaluate process logs, and observe your workforce and if needed, we’ll make recommendations (including any necessary change management) and configure your WLM system accordingly. 


All of our findings are put into an executive summary shortlisting the most critical areas of concern for your operation – which our WLM consultants will review on-site.  Post-review, we’ll initiate the relevant project plans to implement the necessary changes we’ve recommended.


Measure KPI in your warehouse or distribution center

DSC Logistics Drastically Reduces Labor Cost

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Case Study: DSC Logistics

The Situation

  • From humble beginnings 3PL provider DSC Logistics quickly expanded from a single Chicago location to over 50 logistics centers throughout the U.S. with more than 20 million square of space and over 3,000 employees

The Need

  • To provide accurate, damage-free, and on-time deliveries in a safe and affordable manner, they needed to optimize their workforce and gain complete visibility
  • The goal was to become experts at managing the large labor force including improving accountability and gaining the ability to analyze labor ROI impact for prospective tech initiatives

The Savings

  • 20 percent reduction in variable labor spend across the entire logistics network after implementing Blue Yonder WLM
  • A standard methodology could now be created for workers, true productivity can be measured, labor costs decreased, and overall throughput improved
  • Blue Yonder WLM allows management to more accurately forecast workforce requirements and effectively schedule based on demand, events, weather, and types of automation

“It (Labor Management) has really been a key foundation for our success, and I would say when we first rolled it out, you could look at that as a pivot point within DSC’s journey and our history.”

-Senior Director, Industrial Engineering & Continual Improvement, DSC Logistics