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Take a Load Off.

We’ll help you navigate warehouse automation integration and warehouse robotics integration  while drastically improving quality, delivery and cost.  Additionally we have warehouse automation and robotics offerings that provide functionality to accelerate timelines and improve efficiency while reducing risk.

Warehouse Automation Integration


Easily expand to meet volume spikes, deal with labor shortages and manage growth. Along with our partners, we will integrate automation specially for your warehouse, designed by experienced warehouse automation integration professionals. 

Short Integration Timeline

Blue Yonder’s Robotics Hub, allows for accelerated onboarding and a single, consolidated operations dashboard for supported warehouse automation integration vendors.

Worker Productivity

Its not about replacing your workforce, its about making your current workforce more productive and/or supplementing their efforts. Certain vendors (like Locus Robotics) offer carts that follow and assist the floor worker, which results in more energetic and productive warehouse personnel.

Return on Investment

Due to shorter timelines and drastically increased productivity, your operation will see measurable ROI within just a few months after your warehouse automation integration is complete.

Seamless WMS Integration

Blue Yonder’s robotics hub is a SaaS-native application built on Microsoft Azure that enables accelerated onboarding of multiple robotics vendors in a warehouse. The robotics hub helps increase time to value by onboarding warehouse robotics and automation vendors rapidly, and enhances operational flexibility by removing vendor lock-in. For warehouse managers and supervisors, this solution will help improve visibility across different automation solutions through a single operations dashboard.