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Our team specializes in Blue Yonder WMS implementation, Labor and Transportation Management integration, upgrades, automated testing, system integrations, and technical services.

Rack System

Warehouse Management

Our Blue Yonder certified professionals have many years of experience in Blue Yonder WMS implementation supporting their supply chain systems. As part of your Blue Yonder WMS upgrade or new integration, they can evaluate all permanent modifications to your base product, enabling you to make informed decisions about what should be migrated.


We can assist with:
  • Modifying GUI and RF screens as well as internal, MOCA processes, interfaces, and reports
  • Multi-threading configuration
  • SQL statement tuning
  • Server and database sizing
  • Event Management Services configuration
  • Hosting
  • Training
Blue Yonder Distribution Center

Labor Management

Our comprehensive WLM services include:
  • Workflow management design sessions
  • Application configuration
  • Observation management
  • Engineering standards such as picking, put away, replenishment, receiving and shipping
  • WFM installations
  • Application upgrades
  • Hosting services

Transportation Management

We can help identify savings with your current TMS or build a business case to acquire a TMS solution.
  • TMS architecture and WMS integration
  • Parcel integration
  • Address correct extensions
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Multi-tiered planning for region-to-region deliveries


    We provide parcel integration in multiple configurations, as well as:
    • Integrations for rate shopping and TMS parcel rating
    • Address correction extensions
    • Reporting and tracking of savings
    • Multi-tiered planning for region-to-region deliveries
      WMS Go Live

      Training and Customer Care

      We help prepare you for success by offering comprehensive training services, as well as on-site and offshore application maintenance services.

      We offer customized training options based on your organization’s needs including:

      • Train-the-Trainer to prepare your trainers to educate end users
      • End user training for warehouse users
      • Knowledge Transfer for specialized, topic-based training


      We’ll also provide on-going support your supply chain executions systems and augment your staffing capacity.  Our experienced team will take on as much of your project as company resources and deadlines dictate.
      Reduce Deployment Risk Automated Testing

      Automated Testing

      We can pair our world class implementation services with Tricentis’s suite of world class automated testing solutions, to reduce deployment risk and cost
      • One of the big differentiators at Tryon Solutions is our commitment to smooth and major defect-free deployments, and we ensure this by thoroughly testing supply chain systems and processes to identify errors before production is impacted
      • We’ve teamed up with Tricentis, the industry leader in continuous testing that counts hundreds of supply chain companies among their clientele
      • We offer an accelerator pack of packaged, pre-written automated tests designed to make creating test suites for Blue Yonder applications faster and easier
      • Let us performance test your system to verify load and overall stress handling capability, and identify system weaknesses BEFORE production peaks